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Willie Nelson Made It To Antarctica!

Since launching in August 2022, our flag which we named Willie Nelson (after the timeless, outstanding country star) has been part of the team, and like the singer, our Willie Nelson has been ‘on the road again’ to promote Easy Truck Rental.

Travelling from far north to central Queensland down to the glitter of Sydney, and beyond, Willie Nelson has been with our customers as they drove the highways of Oz in our Easy Trucks. A constant companion, Willie Nelson was there when the happy snaps were taken to mark the many arrivals.

So it was, Willie Nelson embarked on the biggest adventure of them all, from sunny Brisbane all the way to ice cold Antarctica. Willie’s adventure started with Damian, our company’s co-founder, and director on the first leg to breathtaking Chile, the launching pad before heading to the bottom of the world. Willie and Damian were travel pals and when the day came, they flew into the chilling wind, icy landscape, sweeping and jagged ranges of Antarctica to take part in the world’s southernmost marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

The day saw the starters gun bang, runners jostling, and the race was underway. Greeted with blizzard moderate snow and low visibility, running in these conditions, it was reported was a test of true grit, and perseverance, a lonely start as every runner battled the conditions and their own demons resisting the pain. Pleasing to know was that our intrepid Damian made it through the hellish start and as the skies started to clear, the sun peeking through the horizon, Damian took a moment and marvelled at the sheer grace of Antarctica’s majestic mountain ranges against its barren and endless windswept tundras.

60 runners competed with, and the winners glory went to Sean Tobin from Ireland who also set a record finishing in 2hrs and 53 minutes, officially the fastest time by any human at the lowest point on Earth! As always, Willie Nelson was there at the end, to get the happy snaps.

Now Willie, to Mars maybe…Oh Elon?

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