Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or 1800 863 279.

Can I rent a truck on a car licence?

Yes. You can rent a truck on an Open class driver licence from any Australian state or territory.

What type of fuel do the trucks take?

All our trucks take diesel fuel only.

Are the trucks automatic transmission?

Yes, all our trucks are automatic transmission only.

Can I drive the truck anywhere I please?

You are free to drive the truck within our designated area on sealed roads only. So, to ensure you are getting the best possible rate, if you plan to drive further than 200 kms one way let us know so that we can quote you a trip rate which may be better. This includes to any location interstate from Cairns to Adelaide and anywhere out west with a sealed road

How can I pay to rent the truck?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, American Express and Diners Card and there is a surcharge payable of 1.29% for Visa and Mastercard and 1.8% for American Express and Diners Card. Sorry but we cannot accept cash as payment.

What are the excess kilometre charges?

Every rental comes 100 klms included as standard per day rented. However we know people travel further distances so for every kilometre over 100 we charge 30c per kilometre driven. You can however purchase blocks of 100 kilometres for a discounted price is you know you are travelling long distances

What happens if I return the truck late?

We give you 2 hours because we know life can happen. But after 2 hours past due back time, we start incurring costs as the truck isn’t available to us. When that happens, we will charge $22.00 per hour over 2 hours up to a full day rent. If you are concerned you may be late, please do let us know at the time you rent the truck or as soon as possible.

Can I rent the truck one way?

Yes! But there are limitations, we don’t allow one way to all locations. For your locations, contact us on 1800 863 279 between 7am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Do all the trucks come with a tailgate lifter?

Yes, they do and each has a 750kgs capacity load. The Easy staff will show you how to operate the lifter on the day you rent the truck.

Do I have to pay a Bond?

Yes, every rental requires a bond. We usually do this by way of credit card authorisation. The Bond may vary and will be quoted when you go online to get a quote or call the branch on 1800 863 279

Can I cancel my booking and if I do, is there are fee?
  1. More than 7 days – No fee applicable
  2. Within 7 days of hire – 1 day’s hire

Within 48 hours of the Start of the Rental or You don’t notify us of Your intended cancellation and or you fail to pick up the vehicle, we need charge the full Rental Charge for the entire period. Regrettably we are out of pocket so cannot offer any refund of any money paid unless We can rent the truck to another renter for an equivalent time, term and rate.

Can I extend my rental after I’ve taken the truck?

In most cases yes, we only ask you to call the branch to be make sure and let us update your booking on 1800 863 279. If you extend over a period where the rates change, we will tell you this and give you the option to accept the charges or return the truck.

Can I smoke in the truck cabin?

No. We must ensure that the cabin remains a smoke free environment at all times. We do take this very seriously and to clean cigarette ash, stain and burn marks is very expensive. The cost starts at $300 dependant on the cleaning required. It is a very bad idea to smoke inside the truck, please don’t do it.

What other fees should I be aware of?

We will make sure that the trucks go to you in a clean and well-presented condition. We would appreciate them back that way.

Cleaning fee. Excessive amounts of sand, dirt, food, stains on upholstery, carpet, hood lining, offensive smells, spilt drink,

Caked mud under guards– shows as evidence of vehicle taken off properly formed and/or sealed roads, stains or excessive tar on paintwork, excessive bugs or dirt or bird/ bat droppings on exterior.

Excessive Cleaning Fees are charged at $45 then $45 per additional hour (or part thereof) of cleaning plus cleaning materials/special equipment/carwash costs where applicable.

Fuel charges. The Easy Truck Policy is Full out and Full back. When the truck return not full, we need to take it to get fuelled. The costs are passed on to you at $5.50 per litre to cover the cost of the fuel and the time of the staff member. Where practical we may offer that you go refuel the truck on return to save this cost.

What happens if the truck breaks down on me?

Easy Tuck Rentals boast a brand new state-of-the-art truck fleet. However, in the event the truck breaks-down in your use, we offer complimentary roadside assistance to get you back on your way.  

MAD Monday & Tuesday $110/day

Discounts are automatically applied to your booking.

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Wacky Wednesday & Thursday $150/day

Discounts are automatically applied to your booking.

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