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Fee Schedule Policy

Booking Deposit

No refundable deposit of $50

Vehicle Rates

You may request a quotation and check availability without making a reservation to obtain the rates for the rental period. Complete only the first pages of the rates and reservations process. If you wish to make a reservation at this time and with these details simply continue by pressing the “Book Now” button.

Card Surcharge 

1.29% for Visa and MasterCard 

1.8% for American Express and Diners Card

Cancellation Fee

  1. More than 7 days – No fee applicable
  2. Within 7 days of hire – 1 days hire
  3. Within 48 hours of the Start of the Rental or You fail to notify Us of Your intended cancellation prior to the Start of the Rental and fail to pick up the Vehicle, you will be charged the Rental Charges for the Rental Period as booked and there will be no refund of any moneys paid unless We are able to rent the Vehicle to another renter for an equivalent time, term and rate.

Daily Kilometre Limit 

A daily limit of 100 kilometres applies unless You have Our prior written approval to have this limit extended and it is noted on the Rental Agreement. For each day You exceed that limit (unless noted on your agreement) You will incur an additional fee of thirty cents (30c) per kilometre

Extending the Rental Period

We understand that circumstances change, and You may require the vehicle for longer than the Rental Period, if so, You must contact Us prior to expiration of the Rental Period to request an extension. We may approve or deny Your request.  If We do not approve Your request for an extension to the Rental Period, you must return the Vehicle by the date and time specified in the Rental agreement.

If We approve Your request for an extension to the Rental Period, we will take payment at that time for the additional charges resulting from the extension.

Late Return

Rental Period and We have not agreed an extension to the Rental Period in accordance with return policy we will continue to charge late return fees until the vehicle is returned will be charged to Your Hire Account.

Where the Vehicle is returned more than 2 hours after the time and date stated in the Rental Agreement, we will charge You a minimum of $22 per hour up to one full day’s rental and a further full day’s rental at the standard rate for each 24-hour period or part thereof until the Vehicle is returned to Us; and at any time if you return Your Hire Vehicle outside Our normal business hours,  You must pay for the daily Rental Charges and all Damage until the Rental Station next opens for business unless, We have agreed to an after business hours drop off and it is shown on the Rental Agreement.

If a Damage Liability Reduction or other optional hire options have been purchased the cost of these will be added to the late return charges on a pro rata basis.

Fuel Charges

All hirers are responsible for their own fuel costs. Whilst our vehicles are normally supplied with a full tank of fuel, this may not always be the case.

Vehicles should be returned with a fuel level not less than that supplied at the commencement of the hire. Should the vehicle be returned short of fuel it will be re-fuelled by our staff and the deficit charged the hirer’s credit card or cash bond. A re-fuelling fee of $5.50 per litre for refuelling, per clause 13 of the hire agreement, will be charged.  This fee helps recover the cost of staff wages to go and refuel the vehicle for you. 

Smoking in Vehicle Fee

Where there is evidence of persons smoking in the vehicle or cigarette ash in the vehicle a minimum $300 special cleaning and decontamination Fee applies. Where the vehicle is unavailable for hire, because residual smoke odour in the car, loss of use charges will also apply. We take our No Smoking Policy seriously. We strongly suggest any hirers who are smokers, respect other hirers and do so as well.

Excessively dirty Vehicle – Cleaning Fees

Cleaning/Sanitation Fee – minimum $45 (then $45 per additional hour)

This Fee applies for:

  • Excessive amounts of sand, dirt, food, stains on upholstery, carpet, hood lining, offensive smells, spilt drink etc
  • Caked mud under guards etc – shows as evidence of vehicle taken off properly formed and/or sealed roads, stains or excessive tar on paintwork, excessive bugs or dirt or bird/ bat droppings on exterior of car.
  • Excessive Cleaning Fees are charged at $45 then $45 per additional hour (or part thereof) of cleaning plus cleaning materials/special equipment/carwash costs where applicable.


Collection costs 

$85.39 plus 10% per annum interest on outstanding rental charges

Recovery Costs 

Determined by type of recovery.

Roadside Callout Fee

If called out and no fault found – Call out cost $7

If at fault 100% call out fee and repair or rectification cost. For example, damaged tyre or flat battery due to lights being left on.

Road Traffic Offences/ Traffic Infringements/Parking Fines

Infringement Processing Fees cover the costs involved in processing fines and infringements.

  • Statutory Declarations at Court House/JP – $50 per occasion
  • Payment of Parking Fines (by arrangement) on behalf of Hirer – $15 per occasion
  • Payment of unpaid Tolls – $25 per occasion


If you travel on a toll road and incur any tolls, We will charge any tolls and fees to your nominated credit card. You will also be charged a service fee of $3.30 each time your vehicle incurs a toll. Tolls and Fees means: 

1. toll charges; 

2. other fees and charges, including Video Matching Fees, (in each case exclusive of GST) imposed by the operator of a toll road for or relating to, or taxes payable in respect of, each Trip taken by a Vehicle; 

3. the hirer is prohibited from using their personal Toll tag or Account for toll charges 

Replacement of lost/damaged keys and remotes

These costs will be charged on a full recovery basis to the customer, including postage, the cost of key blanks, key cutting and programming of keys, remotes, and tailgate lifter key. An administration fee will be charged to cover travel and time costs associated with replacement. Costs will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle involved and availability of parts and services.

MAD Monday & Tuesday $110/day

Discounts are automatically applied to your booking.

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Wacky Wednesday & Thursday $150/day

Discounts are automatically applied to your booking.

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