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Why micro business is turning to storage units

In recent years, Australia has witnessed a remarkable surge

in micro businesses, largely attributed to the growth of the side hustle
culture. These small-scale enterprises, often operated by individuals or small
teams, have gained momentum as ambitious entrepreneurs like you seek to build
great brands and explore new opportunities. A significant trend accompanying
this growth is the increasing reliance on storage units to transition from
home-based operations to commercial spaces. Let’s delve into why this shift is
happening and the benefits it offers to micro businesses.

The Side Hustle Boom:

Australia’s economy has witnessed a cultural shift towards
embracing side hustles. Young workers are increasingly chasing multiple sources of income and are eager to explore their
passions and turn them into profitable ventures. This newfound enthusiasm has
given rise to micro businesses, in fact according to Mastercard a survey from Fiverr of their
users – online freelancers – 
58% of respondents started after March 2020, 23% were thinking about a
side hustle due to unemployment fear

The Role of Storage Units:

Enhanced Security: Storage units provide a secure
environment for micro businesses. Many facilities are equipped with CCTV
surveillance and robust access controls, ensuring that valuable inventory and
equipment are protected.

Loading Docks: For businesses involved in shipping and
logistics, access to loading docks in storage units simplifies the process of
receiving and dispatching goods. This efficiency can significantly boost

Noise Tolerance: Unlike residential areas, storage units
often have lenient noise restrictions. This is a boon for businesses that
require machinery or equipment that generates noise, such as woodworking shops
or small manufacturing units.

Separate Home and Work: Separating your living space from
your business operations can enhance work-life balance. A storage unit provides
a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of home.

Garage Freedom: With a storage unit, you can reclaim your
garage for personal use. This not only tidies up your living space but also
protects your vehicles from the wear and tear associated with business

Meeting Facilities: Some storage facilities offer meeting
spaces for rent. This allows micro businesses to hold client meetings or
collaborate with partners in a professional environment.

Packing Supplies: Storage units often offer packing
supplies, which can be invaluable for businesses involved in exporting or
e-commerce. These supplies streamline the packaging and shipping processes.

Ready Truck Rental: For businesses like yours, owning and
managing a truck rental service, having a storage unit conveniently located can
offer easy access to rental vehicles. This facilitates product delivery and

In conclusion, the rise of micro businesses in Australia is
intricately linked to the side hustle trend, driven by ambitious entrepreneurs
seeking to build outstanding brands. Storage units have emerged as an
indispensable resource for these businesses, offering security, convenience,
and a professional workspace. As you continue to explore the world of business
and brand marketing, the utilization of storage units can be a key factor in
achieving your goals. 

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