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Our Top Moving House Tips

Are you looking to move house on your own? This is a great way to save some money, but it can be a bit of a daunting experience. Below are a number of tips to help you get moved into your new home quickly and easily while avoiding the common pitfalls most people fall into.

Tips For Moving

1. Plan Ahead

Moving house is a big job, and it can sometimes seem pretty overwhelming! The best way to keep on track and get through your move is to make sure you have a well thought out plan ready to execute on your moving day. A pretty common house moving plan might look something like:

Pre Move:

  • Begin using up the food in your pantry & fridge
  • Collect packing boxes
  • Consolidate and pack your belongings
  • Create a list of your boxes with a brief summary of the contents in case any boxes go missing in the move 
  • Pay any outstanding bills
  • Arrange cleaners (if not doing it yourself)
  • Organise a moving truck
  • Organise helpers to help you move heavy items
  • Disconnect and connect all utilities
  • Organise new home and contents insurance
  • Update your address details (license, insurance etc.)
  • Redirect your mail
  • Cancel or redirect other regular deliveries

Moving Day:

  • Move across all your items
  • If possible, move each item into the room it will stay in
  • If you can, don’t begin unpacking your items until everything is moved across – this can slow what is already a very big day
  • Leave any items you’ll need at the old house (if you’re cleaning it yourself, you might need some cleaning supplies, cups, cutlery, toilet paper etc.)
  • Complete one last walk through of the house to ensure all of your belongings have been moved out
  • Have some food and water ready for your helpers
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Turn off Gas or Electricity if required
  • Remove the garage opener from your keys or car
  • Return all keys to the Real Estate Agent or new tenant
  • Re-fill your moving truck to ensure you don’t incur a refilling fee
  • Check the truck one last time to ensure you haven’t left anything inside


  • If leasing, complete an entry report with as much detail & images as possible
  • Check the utilities are all turned on including electricity, gas, internet etc
  • Assemble your bed/s and make them up
  • Check your fridge is turned on and working correctly
  • Ensure nothing has been lost in the move
  • Check that you have all keys and any garage openers
  • Enjoy your new home!

2. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

If you’ve never moved before or it’s been a while since you last moved, it can be pretty easy to underestimate how long it takes. After all, it seems like a pretty straight forward process – just pack all of your things in boxes and take them to your new home on moving day!  But we know that there is a lot more logistics involved than you think.

Moving houses can often be a pretty stressful or emotional time. Don’t add extra stress by leaving everything to the last minute. Begin your pre-move steps, packing and organising your moving truck, cleaners etc. a few weeks from your moving day. Don’t forget to give yourself a couple of days spare after the move before you’re required to handover the keys just in case you need some more time or need to clean etc.

3. Hire A Moving Truck

Hiring a moving truck is a very worthwhile investment if you’re moving home yourself or with a few friends and/or family. If you’re in Brisbane QLD, Easy Truck Rental offer quick & hassle free online truck rental bookings at a great price. All trucks are part of a brand new fleet with a 4.5 Tonne Capacity, Electric Tail Lift and Automatic Gearbox that can be driven on a Standard Car License.

4. Throw Out Or Sell Your Old Unwanted Items

Before you start packing is the best time to sell or throw out any items or belongings that you no longer need. It’s not often you pull everything you own out in front of you, so it’s the perfect time to purge any old/unwanted items (not to mention it makes packing and moving that little bit quicker and easier.

If you have a number of clothes, shoes etc. that you are planning to throw out, you might like to donate them to your local charity shop such as The Salvation Army or Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society).

5. Pack The Right Way

Anyone who has moved home will tell you: great packing is an art. Just randomly throwing everything into boxes will make you frustrated and pretty annoyed at your past self. The secrets to good packing are:

  • Use moving boxes
    This is an obvious one, but use packing boxes – they’re pretty cheap and can be purchased from any hardware store like Bunnings. If you plan on moving again anytime soon, It’s not a bad idea to save your boxes in your garage or in your roof cavity ready for next time.
  • Wrap your breakables
    Using some butcher paper or bubble wrap that you can grab from most hardware stores will keep all of your cups and plates from smashing to bits while bouncing around during the move.
    Note: Don’t use newspaper as it can mark some items!
  • Label your boxes
    There’s nothing worse than not knowing which box you put a specific item in and trying to find it after you move. Trying to figure out whose things are whose can become an incredibly painful task. Labeling your boxes with a permanent marker on the side and top is a quick and easy way to save yourself some hassle. We also suggest making a list of all of your boxes with the contents so that you can more easily find what you’re looking for without having to open every box. Don’t forget to clearly mark boxes with breakables inside.

6. Don’t Forget The Essentials

If you’re moving back and forth between your old and new place over a few days, it can be incredibly frustrating to need something when you don’t have it. We recommend leaving the following essentials at your old house while you pack up, clean and finish moving:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towel
  • Snacks
  • Cups
  • Cleaning products
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Bin liners
  • Scissors
  • Paper plates
  • Hand soap
  • Tools to help you disassemble beds and other items
  • First aid kit
  • Dustpan
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Mop 
  • Broom
  • Cleaning cloths

We hope our moving house tips make your move a much less painful experience. If you’re looking to rent a moving truck in the Brisbane area at a great price without the hassle, Easy Truck Rental have you covered. Click the link below to book your moving truck online and get started or give us a call on 1800 863 279.

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